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Analyze Lifestyles, demographics, neighbourhood segmentation, your competition, to make critical business decisions

Who are my customers
Who are my best and most profitable customers
Where are they
Where can I find more like them
How can I reach them / How can I connect with them
Identify potential locations and then choosing the best site = is a critical business decision
Quickly and accurately performs Evaluation Analyses for a single or multiple site location
Integrating your customer data with business Data – shopping center data- Demographic data or consumer expenditure

Customer profiling
How to keep your existing clients
What they buy

Topographic Data with existing layers
Avoid less profitable segments
Reduce marketing costs
Increase direct mail response rates
Grow revenue
Neighbourhoods segmentation

community Tapestry (socioeconomic, lifestyle, demographics)
Trade Area Analysis = Market change
Scan new markets
Evaluate market Penetration
Environmental scanning and opportunity analysis
Trade Area Analysis and Site Selection
Size and sales of a particular market
Various business  / competitors
Buffer analysis (eg 5 / 10 / 20 km)  or even driving time
Levels or education
Gender / age
Population / ethnicity
Sales of various products