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Data Conversion / Migration / Cleaning

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Each Company’s decisions are based upon good clean data, if the data is of poor quality , the outcome will reflect it.

EarthRome uses industry tools and techniques to properly convert your data to meet your specific needs into spatial data that can be used for analysis. Also we will check your data to verify it is spatially placed in the right location and quality control will be emphasised with outmost importance.

EarthRome can convert or migrate your data to be used spatially for various analysis for better overall decision making from:

• Aerial photographs/LiDAR/DEM/Elevation/ Agricultural (NDVI) mapping/Remote Sensing Analysis

• GPS or various hand held devices

• Filegeodatabase / Shapefiles / GlobalMapper/ MicroStation /AutoCad /Google / or Engineering     software

• Hardcopy and or non digital maps

• Paper or field data

• Parcel/Cadastral Data


Calgary, Alberta